Sunday, May 3, 2009

My First Post

Hello to everyone interested in my journey as an interior design student at the University of Georgia. I have decided to create this blog mostly in an attempt to recount the beneficial, controversial, and detrimental ideals that my professors have presented and encouraged during my time as a student. I truly hope that keeping this blog will allow me to grow into a promising designer by learning from comments posted by you!

So, I feel that it is time to introduce myself.

My name is Emily Fincher and, as previously stated, I am a second-year Art-Interior Design student at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. I was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small, yet promising, suburb in the south metro area called McDonough. I graduated in 2007 from a relatively small high school in my district called Eagle's Landing and began attending UGA that fall. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be an interior designer of some sort and grew into this aspiration after watching the ever-so popular design show from the earlier this decade: Trading Spaces. Perhaps cliche, but this show inspired me to begin experimenting with decorating as a teenager and I fell in love! Also, the fact that Ty Pennington and Vern Yip had affiliations in Atlanta only encouraged my obsession.

Though I would consider myself not to be very artistic in a painting and drawing sense, I have a strong creative side and can learn quickly. Having not taken any art classes in high school, only drafting, I felt that I was in a weak position as I took classes in the Lamar Dodd School of Art my first two semesters at UGA. Somehow, though I am not sure how, I was accepted into the Art School and finally accepted into the Interior Design Major in December 2008. I attribute my acceptance to my determination, my family's encouragement, and the fact that I picked a major that would require the least amount of math and science classes. So, I am beginning this blog after only two semesters of interior design classes and after only one semester as a full-fledged interior design student. I believe it is the perfect time to start this blog! I just presented my final project, and first project as an undergrad, last week and now summer is just around the corner. Soon, I hope to have in-detail updates of my critique and would love to hear feedback. Now I will leave you anxiously awaiting my next post. Hopefully you will not have to wait too long...


  1. This blog is a fantastic idea! Can't wait for more!

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  3. "Promising suburb?" This place is a cesspool!

    Great first post.

    And what the hell did someone say that they had to delete???? ;)

  4. Emily Stewart was posting on it but we didn't realize that she was posting a comment on my account. I can't remember what she said but it would have sounded stupid coming from my account. I didn't know if I deleted the comment that it would say that. Lame.

  5. Emily is brilliant like her Daddy. :)